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Agriculture Policy Statement


The Town of Huron recognizes agriculture and farming enterprises as an important industry, contributing to the economic base, the environment and the quality of life in Huron.  Therefore, the Town Board of Huron by encouraging agriculture, also encourages community education in agricultural issues in the interest of promoting cooperation and better understanding.


It is the policy, general purpose and intent of the Town of Huron to maintain and preserve the rural traditions and character of the town.  Further, to permit the continuation of agricultural practices, to protect the expansion of farms and agri-businesses, and to promote new ways to resolve disputes concerning agricultural practices and farm operations.  In order to maintain a viable farming economy in Huron, it is necessary to limit the circumstances under which farming may be deemed to be a nuisance, consistent with the laws of the State of New York and Wayne County, governing agriculture.   Agricultural practices inherent in and necessary for the business of farming should be allowed to proceed and be undertaken free of unreasonable and unwarranted interference or restriction.


Farmers, as well as anyone employed, retained or otherwise authorized to act on behalf of farmers, may lawfully engage in agricultural practices in the Town of Huron, in all areas designated and zoned for farming, at all times reasonable and necessary to conduct the business of agriculture.  In determining the reasonableness of any agricultural practice, whether the time, the place, or the methodology - traditional farm customs and procedures, advanced and improved technologies in farming and environmental impact will be given due consideration.


It is the position of the Town Board of Huron, that any agricultural practice conducted on farmland in the town that meets the following criteria, does not constitute a public or private nuisance:


  • It is reasonable and necessary to the particular farm or farm operation and is conducted in a manner which is not negligent or reckless;
  • It is conducted in conformity with generally accepted and environmentally sound agricultural practice;
  • It is conducted in conformity with all local, state and federal laws and regulations;
  • It is conducted in a manner which does not constitute a threat to public health and safety or cause injury to health or safety of any person, and
  • It is conducted in a manner which does not unreasonably obstruct free passage or use of public roadways or waterways.